My Green and Gold: Yasmeen's Story

Yasmeen Krameddine, PhD. Psychiatry

Yasmeen was a Green and Gold recipient from the fall. Read on to hear about her experience.

Photo - Conference on Law enforcement and Public Health

Yasmeen travelled all the way to Amsterdam to attend the Second International Conference on Law enforcement and Public Health in October, 2014. She described the conference as, “an unforgettable and life changing experience.”

Yasmeen had the opportunity to connect with professionals in her field from all over the world. “This conference helped me improve my networking skills, allowing me to make connections with professionals in the United Kingdom Australia, Ghana, Netherlands, Sweden, USA and Canada. As well it allowed me to use my knowledge from what I have learned during my police-training project to help other key individuals improve their programs.”
Photo - Conference on Law enforcement and Public Health

The conference has given Yasmeen insight into law enforcement systems around the world, including our own: “I know that what I have learned will positively impact my future. I plan to create an online training program for police officer mental health training sothat it can be widely accessible.” 

She adds, “This conference has enriched my leadership and professional ability, refueled my ambitions to make a positive change in the world and has given me confidence in my ability to pursue my goals.”

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