Additional funding sources

Funding is a key challenge facing many students who want to get involved in co-curricular and experiential learning activities. Below are just a few of the funding programs and awards offered to U of A undergraduate and graduate students.

Please note: Deadlines are set by each granting body and may change from year to year. This list is therefore intended only as a guide; applicants should confirm the deadlines with the appropriate funding body before applying.

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You may also want to consider less formal avenues of funding: 

  • Talk to your professors and others in your faculty, department office and student association. They may be aware of funding sources, have discretionary funds you can access or offer you advice about how to reduce some of your anticipated expenses.
  •  Is there a professional association in the area you want to work in once your graduate? A professional association is an organization seeking to further a particular profession and the interest of individuals engaged in that profession. Many professional associations offer reduced rates for students to participate in their conferences and other professional development activities, and some even offer funding for students. A valuable resource for researching professional associations is the Associations Canada database accessible via Edmonton Public Library’s website. You can also learn more about professional associations by contacting the U of A Career Centre.
  • Are you currently employed? Ask your employer about professional development they offer and if they have funds employees can access to participate in activities for which there is a cost.
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