Application Deadlines

Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on the deadline date.

You are encouraged to apply for an earlier application deadline, if possible. You will be notified of the adjudication decision approximately four weeks after the relevant deadline. 

Application Deadline

Start Date of Activity

August 1

August, September

September 1


October 1


November 1


December 1


January 1


February 1


March 1


April 1


May 1

June, July, August 

Applications must be received before the proposed activity has occurred, and by the appropriate deadline; retroactive applications are not permitted.

Students may not resubmit an application to the Green and Gold Grant Adjudication Committee once it has been denied. Funding decisions made by the committee are not appealable.

Sample Activity

A student plans to attend a leadership conference during fall reading week, which is in November:

  • Apply by the October 1 deadline
    • The student could also apply by the August 1 or September 1 deadline. 
  • The student will be notified about the adjudication decision approximately 4 weeks after the deadline. 
    • By applying for an earlier deadline, the student will know if their application is approved or declined well in advance of the activity.